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RBM:Red Bottom Men


Men in Boots | March 18, 2011



Male celebs have all caught the red bottom fever,
from Elton John to Chris Brown, Swizz Beats to Ronnie Woods
They all rock the Louboutin Hi-Top Sneakers
like it’s foot crack, crack foot whatever check em out

SegSox love this, SegSox loves alot
if you have that special one in your life, treat him prices range from $500-$1800
if don’t have that special one… one word… SegSox!

Deja vu with Jared


Men in Boots | March 7, 2011


Jared Leto creative testa sneakers

Rock/Film star Jared Leto obviously loves his Creative Testa Sneaker boots

So much so that we have spied  him wearing them on 12 separate occasions.

We secretly thinks he just wants SegSox to post about his addiction so we have finally succumbed.

So, Yes Jared your sneakers are HOT! Alright, already.

Levine’s Thorned Mens Boots


Men in Boots | February 25, 2011


Asher Levine Special Shoes

Asher Levine is becoming one of the most eccentric designer
Just check out these mens Special Shoes for AlpineStars

He’s beauties have been seen on celebrities like Lady Gaga
hott stuff for savvy people???

Seditionary Usher @ Grammys


Men in Boots | February 15, 2011

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shabby chic Usher seen here at the Grammy’s rocking a fine pair…….awards that is,

Sexy. Straps. Leather. (stay focus on the boots)

he rocked these Vivienne Westwood Skyscraper Seditionary Boots to the sole

Unfortunately there are now sold out!!!



Men in Boots | February 7, 2011

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SUPRA-MEN from left to right:

teen sensation Justin Beiber, rapper Fabolous, LA Laker’s (Mr Khloe Kardashian) Lamar Odom,

global star lil Wayne, R&B singer Jason Derulo, and fall out boy’s Pete Wentz

all love there Supra footwear, especially Pro skater Terry Kennedy’s “Society” collection

SegSox verdict: We love ‘em, the boots that is.

what do you think SeggieS, Supra-Men or Villians? (we love the men too. REALLY)

Usher, Ruff ‘n’ Rugged


Men in Boots | February 5, 2011



There goes our Babyyyyyyyyyyyy,  Usher does the  shabby chic look well

dirty jeans, facial hair and a  Brixton fedora hat??……

Okay well we can forgive him with the feather cos on his feet he’s working

the heck outta his workman rugged boots.

Usher dresses very European and his efforts are not lost on us.

Sorry hold on a minute……….. Daddy’s Home,

we have to go x

Adrian Grenier vs Terrence J


Men in Boots | January 31, 2011


Adrian Grenier & Terrence J

Okay SeggieS no drolling, this is “Battle of the Boots” not “Who my baby Daddy”

Adrian Grenier from “Entourage” fame & Terrence J presenter on “106 and park”

in these Timberland brown Tackhead winter 8 inch boot retail $295.00

So SeggieS, who wore it best???

Ed Westwick’s Wellies


Men in Boots | January 29, 2011


Ed Westwick

Here’s Gossip girl’s (xoxo) favourite Ed Westwick in a pair of red knee high Hunter wellies

attempting to avoid the dreaded New York weather

Usually SeggieS, we DO NOT agree with Men in knee highs but it’s wellies

and it does look……..available at Hunter

Uggly Men?

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Men in Boots | January 23, 2011


Men in Ugg

No matter how many times we see these rare beings,

we at SegSox can’t help but cringe when we see Men wearing Ugg.

So we put together a poll for all you SeggieS to judge

So what’s the verdict SeggieS,

Looks cool or Hell No Vote below!

Men wearing Knee High Boots?

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Men in Boots | December 28, 2010


Lenny Kravitz

Here is sex symbol/rock legend Lenny Kravitz strolling in SoHo in the grim reaper’s attire lol. Seriously, this would be a hot mess on anyone else SeggieS, but he is L.E.K (Lenny Effing Kravitz)! What do we think SeggieS?

Yeah, I know but he’s L.E.K he gets a pass. L.E.K & Prince are the only men who can semi pull this off they exempt from typical fashion rules that apply to us regular SeggieS.

So dare I say that L.E.K is killing em with these knee high wedge boots? SeggieS any help???